American Kenpo

American Kenpo was founded in 1954 by Senior Grandmaster Edmund Parker, Sr. It is a system of practical self-defense based on logic largely because it adopts and applies scientific disciplines to maximize its effectiveness. Kenpo employs a wide variety of blocks, strikes, kicks, punches and mental awareness exercises against an attacker. American Kenpo consists of 154 self-defense techniques.

Kenpo blends circular movements like those found in Kung Fu and linear movements like those found in Japanese systems. Skilled American Kenpo Karate Black Belts are marked by their ability to fire off powerful techniques with blinding speed, hitting multiple targets within seconds. Where some Arts may emphasize hands or feet, American Kenpo utilizes and blends both, for the purpose of devastating effectiveness in a minimum amount of time.

American Kenpo uses natural movements, and therefore is suited to most anyone desiring to learn self-defense.

Senior Grandmaster Edmund Parker Sr.

Our founder Mr. Ed Parker Sr., 10th Degree Kenpo Master, was founding President of the International Kenpo Karate Association. Considered as one of America’s foremost Karate pioneers, Mr. Parker was also the author of “The Encyclopedia of Kenpo”, “The Zen of Kenpo” and the five volume series, “Infinite Insights into Kenpo”. Mr. Parker opened the first commercial Karate school in the U.S. in Provo, Utah in 1954 and a second school in Pasadena, CA in 1956. Because of his many contributions and lifelong dedication to the martial arts, he is referred to as “The Father of American Kenpo”.


Master John Sepulveda 

Master John Sepulveda has over 50 years experience in American Kenpo and holds a 9th Degree Black Belt.  Mr. Sepulveda was one of the few direct students of Senior Grandmaster Ed Parker.

Mr. Sepulveda is the founder of the “American Kenpo Training System” TM.. The AKTS organization has member schools across the United States, South America and Europe. Mr. Sepulveda is a member of the “American Kenpo Senior Council” which is renowned for some of the best Kenpo practitioners worldwide.